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Millogic offers a few standard products which are available either as they are or customized to fit your needs. All standard products are available in either single or OEM quantities.

We also offer synthesizable IP cores for sale. These cores, written in VHDL or Verilog offer the user a well constructed and documented function that performs as specifed and will save time and money in meeting todays tough scheduling demands. We can now accept payments via Visa & Master Card. Please call to order. 

Standard Products

VME Controller Emulator

The MLVIC64-EM-160 is a VMEbus Master Controller. The emulator is footprint compatible with the now-obsolete Cypress VIC64 and VIC068A VME Controllers in the 160 pin PQFP packages. This emulator is being used by multiple major US military equipment contractors as an obsolesence solution in designs based on the original Cypress parts.

VME Interface Chipset

The ML7C960A & ML7C964A VMEbus Slave Interface integrated circuits are footprint compatible with the now-obsolete Cypress CY7C960 and CY7C964 VME interface components.

The ML7C964A is now available in multiple package options. These include the original 14x14 body PQFP, a 14x14 Ceramic Quad Flat Package, equivalent to the CY7C964A-UM, and a 10x10 body TQFP, equivalent to the CY7C964A-ASC.

ML7C960A data sheet

ML7C964A data sheet

ML7C960 VME Slave Interface

The ML7C960 & ML7C964 VMEbus Slave CoreSet is now available as Cypress CY7C960 & CY7C964 pin compatible modules.

Each module contains reset circuitry and power supplies to power the Actel OTP FPGA and solders directly on to your existing VME board.

Contact Millogic sales for pricing and information.

Video Processor:


The MLVXP-01 is a multi mode dual input video processor capable of processing both input channels together without the need for an external genlock. Features include:

Dual channel

Feedthrough of either input to primary output.

Video screen splitting:

Right horizontal

Left horizontal

Top vertical

bottom vertical

Fade both streams together




Horizontal & Vertical

Genlock cameras are not required

USB Frame grab

Block Diagram (pdf)

Interface Spec (pdf request)

PCI-X Development Board: 

The MLPCX-01 is a PCI-X single slot board which demonstrates our PCI-X core in a typical application. The board has a 133MHZ PCI-X interface to a local SRAM and a DMA controller. It comes with a device driver and application software to demonstrate operation.

Power PC Single Board Computer:

The MLPCSBC- 00 is a PowerPC based Single Board Computer. The board is based around the IBM PPC405GP processor. It runs an embedded version of Linux (MontaVista) and contains an FPGA connected between the PCI bus and a customizable connector interface. In addition, the board has the following features:

PPC405 running at 230MHZ

128MB of onboard SDRAM

Ultra160 SCSI Interface

10/100 Ethernet




2 Serial Ports

1 66/32 PCI Expansion Slot

Xilinx XCV1000 w/ PCI interface