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Millogic is adding another VME core to the VME product family

January 2012 - Millogic announces it is developing a new core as part of the family of emulations of the now-discontinued Cypress VME controller family. The MLVAC068 core will provide emulation of the Cypress VAC068, which was a companion to the VIC64 / VIC068 controllers.

Millogic adds VME Controller to product line

August 2011 - Millogic is now selling footprint compatible hybrid modules that emulate the now-discontinued Cypress VIC64 and VIC068A VME controller chips. These emulators have been qualified by multiple major US military equipment contractors for use in products that were originally designed to use these Cypress parts. Millogic also produces an emulator for these parts in the PGA packages.

Millogic moves to new facilities in Burlington, MA.

December 2009 - Millogic moved its offices and product development labs to a larger facility in Burlington, Ma. The new facility is well suited to Millogic's increased business in facilitating production of the custom products developed by the Millogic design team. Millogic handles production of the electronic systems it has designed for companies ranging from local high-tech startups to large corporations, such asCarl Zeiss SMT.

Millogic selected to develop custom video recorder.

January, 2009 - Millogic's depth in video product development was key in the selection by a leading image tracking company for development of a loss-less multi-channel portable video recorder. The compact product is specifically targeted to medical and marketing research applications.

Millogic announces additional microcontroller core.

October 15, 2008 - Millogic adds tm ML9995 core to our selection of microcontroller cores. This core is equivalent to the 16 bit Texas Instruments TMS9995..

Millogic announces VIC64 Core.

July 15, 2008 - Millogic completes the set of cores for the discontinued Cypress VME producsts with the MLVIC64, an equivalent to the Cypress VIC64.

Millogic announces two new processor cores.

June 3, 2008 - Millogic announces two new cores for two popular microcontrollers... the HD6303 and the 6802.

Millogic adds packaging options for the Cypress VME Chipset.

April 13, 2008 - Millogic announces additional packaging options for the ML7C964. The new packages are compatible with Cypress's CY7C964A-UM and CY7C964A-ASC. Millogic now supports both the 14x14 and the 10x10 body QFP packages, in both plastic and ceramic

Millogic announces additional VME Core, for the Cypress VIC068.

December 1, 2007 -  Millogic expands its VME offerings with a new core, emulating the discontinued Cypress VIC068 VME master controller. The ML-VIC068 will be available in Q1 2008.

Millogic extends its family of SCC cores with the 85C230 Core.

March 20, 2007 - ML85C230 Serial Communication Controller (SCC) synthesizable core available. This core provides a functional equivalent to the popular 85C230 SCC.

Millogic announces VME Master Core, for the Cypress CY7C961.

February 13, 2007 - ML7C961 VME Master Controller synthesizable core available. This core provides a functional equivalent to the discontinued Cypress CY7C961.

Millogic announces additional SCC core for the uPD72001.

August 16, 2006 - ML72001 Serial Communication Controller (SCC) available. This core is a functional equivalent to the discontinued NEC SCC uPD72001.

Millogic chosen to develop image acquisition system for Ion Microscope.

2005 - Millogic was awarded a contract to develop a custom image acquisition and deflection subsystem for a new scanning Ion microscope. The award was based on the mixture of digital and analog design expertise, and years of video processing experience.

Millogic announces 85C30 Core.

Feb 13, 2005: Millogic today announced the release of it's ML85C30 replacement core. The core emulates the functionality of the discontinued AMD & Zilog serial communications chip. Check the IP page for more details.

Millogic announces Cypress CY7C960 & CY7C964 replacement modules.

Dec 30, 2004: Millogic today announced the release of it's ML7C960 & 964 core modules. The two modules emulate the functionality and the pinnout of the popular but since discontinued Cypress VME interface chip set. Check the IP page for more details.

Boxer joins Millogic design group.

Dec 20, 2004: Millogic today announced that Aaron Boxer has joined the Millogic design team. Aaron brings a tremendous wealth of design skills to Millogic. Mr Boxer was most recently the lead architect for networking ASIC products within AMCC. Prior to that he had been at 3-Com, Concurrent, Masscomp & DEC.

Millogic announces PCI-X Core Speed reaches 133MHZ.

Sept 16, 2004: Millogic today announced that its PCI-X core and associated DMA engine is running at 133MHZ. Check the IP page for more details.

Millogic announces Motorola MC68681 and Intel 82C51 replacemet cores.

Sept 14, 2004: Millogic today announced the release of it's ML68681 and ML82C51 cores. These IP blocks provide synthesizable replacements for the two discontinued serial interface devies. Check the IP page for more details.

Millogic announces Cypress CY7C960 & CY7C964 replacement cores.

May 29, 2003: Millogic today announced the release of it's ML7C960 & 964 cores. The two cores emulate the functionality of the popular but since disontinued Cypres VME interface chip set. Check the IP page for more details.

Texas Instruments names Millogic 3rd Party Developer.

Jan 30, 2003: Millogic today announced that Texas Instruments has named them as an approved 3rd party developer. Millogic has done numerous designs using TI DSP's and will be working with TI to provided DSP consulting services

Millogic in EETIMES.

Jan 10, 2003: Millogic is featured in an article on the EE-Times / EE-Design web site. Click here to see more.

Release of Video cores announced.

Jan 10, 2003: Millogic has completed work on two video related cores. The first is an NTSC Video Encoder done in VHDL, the other is a PS2 mouse interface for reading mouse movement and button clicks. Check the IP page for more details.

Millogic becomes PALM developer.

Millogic recently qualified as a design partner in Palm computings "Plugged in" program. Check back here for new product news.

Release of 68901 core announced.

We have just release two new IP Core products: The first is a functional equivalent of the popular 68901 multifunction peripheral chip from Motorola. The second IP announcement is for a USART core. These are both low cost comunication devices that can be used in FPGA or ASIC designs. Check the IP page for more details.

Millogic Releases PCI-X Solution for FPGA & ASIC.

Check out our IP page for more information on our PCI/PCI-X Core and consulting services.

Millogic chosen as Xilinx Xperts

Xilinx recently named Millogic a "Xilinx Xpert" organization. This recognition is due to the depth of experience Millogic has using Xilinx devices and tools.