handshakePartnerships with other companies and industry groups allow us to stay informed of, and help guide, new product development.  With this in mind, we continue to forge relationships with key industry leaders and organizations.  

We also consider our clients to be our partners. Millogic prides itself on long-term relationships with our customers.  For some, particularly those whose expertise is in other areas than electronics module production, we manage the production of their product, handling component procurement, production management and testing.  Our client can then receive tested boards, and focus their energies where there is the most added value.  

Our suppliers and subcontractors are also important partners.  We utilize a group of contract manufacturers who have varied expertise to match the requirements of a particular project to the strengths of a particular contract manufacturer.


Technology Company Partnerships

AMD  Adaptive Computing Partner  

Through the acquisition of Xilinx by AMD, Millogic has become an Elite member of the AMD Adaptive Computing Partnership program.


Xilinx Alliance Program - Partner


Xilinx Partner Program

The Millogic team has a relationship with Xilinx that goes back to the initial Xilinx Xperts program.  We have been, and continue to be a Member of the Xilinx Partner program.  Our engineers are certified, and provide design skills and expertise developed over years of development of Xilinx based products.


Industry Group Affiliations


Millogic has developed dozens of PCI designs over the decades, from the original PCI definition to current PCIe designs.  We developed our own PCI and PCI-X IP, which has been utilized in Industrial, Medical and Scientific markets in multiple FPGA families.