16x16 SDI video switchDesign Services

Millogic offers a variety of electronic and software design services.  We are an integrated team, with expertise in analog and digital electronics design, FPGA and ASIC design, printed circuit board layout, and software.  Our software engineers are particularly focused on areas tightly coupled with hardware, including drivers, diagnostics, and embedded code.

Hardware Design Services

FPGA Design:

Using VHDL, Verilog and vendor tools, we will create an FPGA solution that meets your needs. Millogic is a Xilinx Partner design firm, and have been so since Xilinx first began their Experts partner program many years ago.  We also recognize that some customers have specific FPGA vendor relationships, so we also utilize other FPGA vendors including Altera and Lattice.

Board Design:

We incorporate ASIC or FPGA designs coupled with board design to create a board level design to fit into your system. Our clients utilize us for digital, analog and mixed signal board design, and our team approach brings the right expertise to your project.  .

PCB Layout:

We offer PCB layout services independent of our board designs. With extensive board-level expertise in digital, mixed signal and analog circuit designs, Millogic can maximize the benefit of PCB layout. Our layout designers are engineers, and provide feedback to our customers that goes beyond what one would get at a typical service bureau.  We are effectively providing our customers with an extra design review during the layout process which has succeeded in the past at eliminating costly respins.  Our understanding of EMI / EMC issues has been valuable to our clients in achieving first-pass compliance.


Software Design Services

Millogic provides a full range of software design and testing services, but concentrate on software tightly coupled to the hardware.

We provide services for any step in the software development cycle such as requirement generation and validation, integration, design and development, inspection support

Driver Development:

Whether it is drivers for an embedded application or a PCI device in a PC, Millogic software engineers have the experience to handle it. Linux to Windows, embedded apps to servers, we can help you with your driver needs.

Diagnostic Development:

We offer software services to develop diagnostic suites for any product. Comprehensive diagnostics are a key part of succesful product development and manufacturing. Millogic has experience writing thorough, exhaustive diagnostics for a variety of platforms.