Millogic - Design Consultants

Millogic offers a variety of electronic and software design services. Please take a moment to review what we offer and don't hesitate to call or contact us if you have any questions. On the right is a gallery of some of the products we have designed or contributed to the design of.

Hardware Design Services

ASIC design, verification and test:

Design - From concept to completion and everything in between. including architecture & specification, coding simulation and synthesis.

Verification - Testbench creation, ATPG, JTAG.

Back End processing - We will interface with the foundry of your choice or recommend a foundry based on the physical properties of your part.

FPGA to ASIC conversion - We will take your existing FPGA or multiple FPGAs and combine them to produce a cost reduced ASIC replacement.

FPGA design:

Using VHDL, Verilog or Schematics, we will create an FPGA solution that meets your needs. Millogic was chosen by Xilinx as an Experts partner because of our excellent track record with their devices, but we also have an equally impressive history with other FPGA vendors including Altera and Lattice.

Board Design:

We incorporate ASIC or FPGA designs coupled with board design to create a board level design to fit into your system. Call us before starting your next digital, analog or mixed signal board design - we can improve your time to market and reliabilty.

PCB Layout:

We offer PCB layout services independent of our board designs. Bring us your board netlist and we will produce the PCB layout for you. Board layout at Millogic is done with a watchful eye on EMI and controlling it.

Proper PCB layout can be the most cost-effective route to EMC goals. An improperly laid out board can make compliance impossible. With extensive board-level expertise in digital, mixed signal and analog circuit designs, Millogic can maximize the benefit of PCB layout. A few hours of expert help during placement and routing can save the time and money of a respin.

EMI Screening:

Millogic designs electronic products for industrial and computer clients meeting world standards for EMC.

The circuit is both the source and victim of EMI. For best EMC performance the grounding structures, circuit, and filtering need to be assessed for emissions and susceptibility impact, then adjusted as necessary. Devices, nets, and circuits needing filtering or critical placement and routing are best identified and treated prior to board layout, when signal integrity can be preserved by design.

Mechanical Design:

We offer mechanical and industrial design services.

Product Design:

Let Millogic combine all of the above to produce a world class product for you.

Software Design Services

Millogic provides a full range of software design and testing services.

We provide services for any step in the software development cycle such as requirement generation and validation, integration, design and development, inspection support

Driver Development:

Whether it is drivers for an embedded application or a PCI device in a PC, Millogic software engineers have the experience to handle it. Linux to Windows, embedded apps to servers, we can help you with your driver needs.

Diagnostic Development:

We offer software services to develop diagnostic suites for any product. Comprehensive diagnostics are a key part of succesful product development and manufacturing. Millogic has experience writing thorough, exhaustive diagnostics for a variety of platforms.